Welcome to our Web pages devoted to a freeware logical game “Quadrax IV”. You may have ever heard about this game or not? If you have heard, believe me that this is a continuation of previous version “Quadrax III” from the year 2000/2005. In comparison with the old versions, this version is a new version from the base. Nonetheless, this is still Quadrax like everybody knows it. Or if you haven’t heard of it, there is more than time to change it!

Some commercial games have playtime only a few hours... Free game Quadrax IV have playtime much longer than 99% commercial titles!

Ninety levels are waiting to be solved! Good luck!
To download this game, go to the Download section.

This pages is about Quadrax IV! If you are looking for other Quadrax version, they are located here:
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